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Certified Professionals

Certified Professionals

Demonstrate your commitment to ongoing learning by joining the ALIA PD Scheme and after one ALIA PD Scheme years’ compliance you will be recognised as a Certified Professional and earn the post nominals as follows:

  • Associate Certified Professional - AALIA (CP)
  • Library Technician Certified Professional - ALIATec (CP)

Gain eligibility to apply for a Certified Professional (CP) Certificate after successful completion of an ALIA PD Scheme triennium. To apply for a Certified Professional certificate and listing on our website please complete the application form.

Distinguished Certified Professional Status

The status of Distinguished Certified Professional AALIA (DCP) or ALIATec (DCP)* is available to Certified Professional ALIA PD Scheme participants that have shown ongoing commitment to professional development through membership of the scheme for at least five years, and satisfy referee-supported additional requirements. For details of the eligibility requirements and to apply see the application form.

*replaces the Associate Fellow category, all current Associate Fellows may choose to continue as Associate Fellows as long as they maintain compliance with the ALIA PD Scheme.

ALIA Certified Professional Certificate Recipients

Certified Professional Certificate recipient listing

Distinguished Certified Professional listing

Certified Practitioner Certificate recipients (awarded pre 6/2013, listing now closed)

Associate Fellows (awarded pre 6/2013, listing now closed)