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Distinguished Certified Professionals


To apply for this eminent status, members must be a registered member of the ALIA PD scheme for a minimum of five years and accumulate a minimum of 200 points and learning outcomes during that five year period. Distinguished Certified Professionals* are also asked to demonstrate professional/technical and personal knowledge and skills; provide evidence of a significant degree of autonomy in decision-making in practice and be currently employed in the Australian library and information sector or an allied sector.

*Recipients are entitled to use the additional postnominal (DCP) while they continue to be Certified Professional members of the Association in compliance with the terms of the ALIA PD Scheme.

Current Distinguished Certified Professionals

State Surname First Name Post Nominal Issued
VIC Foster Alison AALIA (DCP) 15 July 2014
ACT Jones Alison AALIA (DCP) 10 March 2017
NT Mamtora Jayshree AALIA (DCP) 23 December 2014
QLD Milne Craig AALIA (DCP) 8 May 2014
VIC Mustey Jenny AALIA (DCP) 7 November 2016
WA Smith Lizelle AALIA (DCP) 7 November 2016
NSW Summers-Morrow ShirleyAnn AALIA (DCP) 1 August 2013
QLD Thorpe Clare AALIA (DCP) 14 April 2016

Other ALIA Certificate Recipients: