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Professional Development

As a professional association we promote excellence in the LIS sector by supporting ALL our members to undertake ongoing learning and professional development; we support professional practice with a range of resources and learning opportunities. 
The ALIA PD Scheme provides a framework which enables skilled personnel with a commitment to ongoing learning to demonstrate their value to employers and the broader community. 

For Associate and Library Technician Members

Associate and Library Technician members are encouraged to participate in the ALIA PD Scheme to achieve formal recognition for their professional commitment and to upgrade to Certified Professional membership.

The scheme uses a simple points system:  30 points minimum per PD year and 120 points over each triennium (3 years).


After one year's compliance, you are eligible to upgrade to ALIA Certified Professional membership, and use the special post nominals AALIA (CP) or ALIATec (CP). After three years' compliance you can apply for a certificate and listing on the ALIA website.

ALIA has also introduced subject specialisations as an extension to the ALIA PD Scheme. Members will be able to demonstrate their specialised knowledge by focusing their learning using subject-related competencies.


Please visit the FAQ if you have further questions, or call 1800 020 071.


The 2020 Pathway will make our profession stronger.


For Student Members

Student members are not eligible to join the ALIA PD Scheme until their initial qualification is completed, however you are encouraged to begin recording your learning, using the MyPD Tracking Tool. Developing the habit of reflecting on your professional development can only strengthen your professional practice.

For general Members

All personal members of ALIA can use the MyPD tracking tool to keep a record of professional learning.

A new approach by ALIA details basic proficiencies for general members who are non-LIS qualified. The Proficiency Recognition Program is aimed at both non qualified library support staff and staff qualified in other areas (eg education, cultural management). The program is designed to develop core library knowledge, and also to encourage members to fully utilise their skills and experience in their library setting.

The program was launched on 1 July 2014 with the Public Library Proficiencies and with other sector proficiencies to follow. Institutional and Corporate Members are welcome to contact ALIA for information on accessing a customised program for your library service.


ALIA PD Scheme

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