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Proficiency Program

Proficiency Recognition Program

A new approach by ALIA details basic proficiencies for General and Student Members who are non-LIS qualified. A program supporting core proficiency has been developed.

This program is aimed at both non qualified library support staff and staff qualified in other areas (eg education, cultural management). The Proficiency Recognition Program is designed to develop core library knowledge, and also to encourage members to fully utilise their skills and experience in their library setting. The program was launched on 1 July 2014 with the Public Library Proficiencies. Institutional and Corporate Members are welcome to contact ALIA for information on accessing a customised program for your library service.


Register for the Public Library Proficiencies (you must be a Personal: General or Student Member of ALIA or covered by an ALIA Institutional member customised program).

Undertake PLP activities to accrue points:

  • a minimum of 20hrs annually from 1 July to 30 June
  • the 20 hour commitment is meant to reflect the introductory nature of the PLPs. Annual submission of audit requirement to either your employer's staff performance management, or submission to ALIA
  • record and reflect on your learning activities. You choose your preferred recording method. Indicate in your reflective learning outcome a link between the learning you have undertaken and the approved ALIA Public Library Proficiencies.

Special Institution listing on the ALIA website will also be offered as recognition for participating employers in the Proficiency Recognition Program.

Link to PLP Summary (members only)

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