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ALIA PD Scheme - Specialisations

ALIA has introduced subject Specialisations as an extension to the ALIA PD Scheme. Members will be able to demonstrate their specialised knowledge by focusing their learning using subject-related competencies. You are able to join a Specialisation at any time - new and existing PD Scheme members are all eligible. Focus on the competencies of your chosen specialisation in your PD Activities.

The Research/Academic Specialisation is based on competencies which address the unique opportunities and challenges within the research and tertiary education sectors. We have crafted four streams: general, research, academic libraries (teaching and learning) and data. Each stream has 10 core competencies.

Provides health information specialists with a verifiable pathway to achieving Certified Professional status in all health organisations and in the health professional workforce. It is based on a framework of eight competency areas.

The Public Library Specialisation delivers a diverse range of topics within current public library practice and is divided into sub specialisations. Choose to undertake the general Public Library Specialisation or any one or more of the sub Specialisations: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander; Accessibility; Child/Youth; Community Engagement; Cultural Diversity; Digital Literacy; Local studies/Genealogy

Encourages ALIA Associate and Library Technician members to be recognised for demonstrating their commitment to specialised ongoing learning in the school library sector. To provide consistency across the sector, ALIA is cross-mapping these competencies with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Standards.

The Government Specialisation is based on nine competencies which address the unique challenges and opportunities within government libraries and information services at both national and state levels.

How to register

Join the ALIA PD Scheme and choose your specialisation


Compliance will be assessed with an annual random audit of 10% of ALIA PD Scheme Specialisation members requiring proof of a minimum of 30 PD points. A full 120 PD point audit will be required before the awarding of a Specialisation Certified Professional Certificate and listing on the website. A quality reflective learning outcome linked to competencies shall generally be considered sufficient proof for a PD activity.

See the main PD Scheme page for other general PD resources and information. If you have any questions, email pd@alia.org.au or call 1800 020 071.