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ALIA believes that:

  1. professional participation in rigorous and reliable research practice builds on the profession's body of knowledge and leads to the continuation and betterment of the profession;

  2. education for the profession which incorporates research activity encourages the development of a research culture within the profession;

  3. dissemination and publication of library and information studies research should be enabled and encouraged through the Association's conferences, publications, e-documents and other related avenues;

  4. research excellence should be recognised by awards and prizes;

  5. library and information studies research is enhanced through participation in partnership arrangements amongst practitioners, academics and wider communities and these should be encouraged.

Statement on ALIA's role in research.

ALIA Research Advisory Committee

The ALIA Board of Directors has established the ALIA Research Advisory Committee to promote the value of research, to provide advice on ALIA's role in research in general, to have oversight of the research fund and to recommend recipients of research awards and research activities to be supported by the research fund.

ALIA Research Grant Awards

ALIA supports research in the profession through the ALIA Research Grant Awards. The ALIA Research Grant Award provides opportunities for professional members to undertake research projects that they would otherwise be unable to do because of the time and costs involved. The Twila Ann Janssen Herr Research Award for Disability Services is a biennial award that allows an early career LIS practitioner to carry out research aimed at developing Australian library and information services for people with a disability.

ALIA Research Fund

Contributions to the ALIA Research Fund support research into a broad range of issues that can lead to enhanced professional practice across the sector, for example the impact of technological advances on client services, workplace issues and more.

The Research Fund also supports ALIA's Research Awards program through which members have the opportunity to apply to undertake projects with the potential to advance practice of the profession. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Email advocacy@alia.org.au for more information. The ALIA Research Fund will preserve a memorial donation in honour of a departed family member, friend or colleague. The ALIA Research Fund welcomes Bequests and Donations to enable it to fund Library and Information Science research.

Commitment to research and innovation will enable the Library and Information Science profession to add to the body of knowledge and encourage continuos improvement in professional practice. ALIA plays a critical role in nurturing the advancement of the profession by fostering and supporting research activities to ensure ongoing excellence in the delivery of Library and Information Science.

Being Research Active

The ALIA Research Advisory Committee offers workshops aimed at developing skills in conducting research. These workshops run in conjunction with major conferences such as the ALIA National Conference and ALIA Information Online. The next workshop is scheduled for ALIA National in Melbourne in September 2014.

ALIA LARK (Library Applied Research Kollektive) is another avenue for ALIA Members keen to learn more about doing research and receive support and advice from more experienced colleagues.

aliaREAP is an elist providing another communications avenue aimed at fostering ideas amongst research-active ALIA members, and sharing experiences on doing research and implementing the results.